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There is a whole new waterpark in Johor! Get ready for some splashing fun with your loved ones at Adventure Waterpark, an exhilarating water theme park at sunny Desaru Coast.

This is a Johor hotspot not to be missed and the best way to beat the tropical heat while relishing a day of fun. It is the perfect getaway for family and friends.

Explore this adventure-filled water park that certainly has something for everyone! Slip and slide your way down various thrilling slides, splash around in one of the biggest wave pools in the region, cruise along the lazy river with a view, and many more.

There is so much to do at the Adventure Waterpark, Johor! Check out some of the best things to do at Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast!

Thrill Rides

Kraken’s Revenge

A mix between a roller coaster and a splashing flume ride, the Kraken’s Revenge is our favourite attraction here and should definitely be at the top of the list for fellow thrillseekers! Start from 30 metres above ground, then swoop down two full 360-degree loops before diving 27 metres where the Kraken sea monster is awaiting you at the bottom of the pool!

Super Twister

Cruise down the Super Twister, as you slip and slide along the curves. Just when you least expect it, plunge down an exciting, unexpected drop into a funnel!


Let the Riptide sweep you away at the steepest angles and fastest speeds. Race downhill to the first twister and circle around the eye of the storm before encountering the second and third twisters, before you finally splash into the pool.

Wild Whirl

Let the raft of Wild Whirl take you for an exciting spin down a steep drop before shooting onto the high walls of the wide-open bowl where you’ll be speeding around the perimeter. Then, you’ll be dropped down the centre chute and slide down the tunnel.

The Tempest

Swirl around the vortex of the Tempest where you will first descend from a 7-metre drop through a huge funnel before being sent down a 17-metre tube slide. It’s all heart-thumping action from the start all the way till the final splash into the pool.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Penawar Falls

As you step into the water park, be greeted by the Penawar Falls, the first exciting view of the park placed near the entrance. This attraction is a sight for all ages as three waterfalls tumble over each high cliff at Penawar Falls into a peaceful pond below. Go on a learning discovery as a giant Penawar Flower brings you through a story of pirates, villagers and young heroes!

Swinging Ship

Next to the Penawar Falls is the classic Swinging Ship theme park ride. This ride resembles a great pirate ship swinging majestically against a backdrop of the towering cliffs and waterfall. The Swinging Ship is everyone’s favourite ride — mild enough for youngsters and great fun for all ages.

Surf Wall

Try on a surf simulator that is perfect for either surfing beginners or enthusiasts. Catch and ride the artificial waves at the Surf Wall that feels like the real thing, but in a safe and controlled environment!

Tidal Wave Beach

One of the biggest wave pools in Southeast Asia, Tidal Wave Beach holds more than four million gallons of water over nearly three acres. Relax after a thrilling day and enjoy the wave views from the Beachside Cabanas, or lounge along the 170-meter-long sandy shoreline of Tidal Wave Beach.

Penawar River

Laze with your loved ones as you float along the 350 meters of Penawar River and soak in the surrounding views of lush greenery from the riverbank and riverside of a fishing village. While travelling through this lazy river, watch in amusement as other visitors go on thrilling rides at four of the popular and giant water slides – Wild Whirl, Super Twister, Riptide and The Tempest.

Kids Ahoy

Kids Ahoy has three age-appropriate play areas filled with water play equipment and a combined total of 13 different water slides designed for children. These zones are perfect for toddlers, young children, and even early teens!

  • Adventure Waterpark is fully booked on the 4th November 2021
  • Due to the safety of each visitor, Adventure Water Desaru Coast is limited to only 2500 (max) pax with 1st come 1st serve basis. Please do be early to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends and Public Holidays. The park opens at 10:00 am.
  • Infants below 3 years old enter for free
  • This ticket is refundable if it has not been redeemed.
  • Tickets that have been redeemed at the counter will not be refunded.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for all refunds.
  • All tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • You do not need to print the ticket, simply present the QR code via your phone.
  • In order to redeem your ticket, please proceed to the attraction’s counters.
  • MyKad or MyKid must be presented at the attraction for purchase of Malaysian – with MyKad type tickets.