Private Van (max 10 persons)
Private Mini Bus (max 16 persons)
Private Car (max 3 persons)
Total : RM0
  • Hotel Transfer within Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Damansara area only
  • Private Transportation for duration of the tour
  • English speaking guide-driver
  • Mineral water bottle

Places and activities to do in Putrajaya:

Putra Square
The Putra Square (Dataran Putra) is a city square in Presint 1, Putrajaya, Malaysia. The square has been used for festivals such as the Malaysian Independence Day parade. It is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade Shopping Mall. An interplay of paths, water, channels, flower beds and trees makes this square a delightful stop for visitors.

Putra Mosque
Also known as Putrajaya Mosque, this mosque incorporates Malaysian, Persian and Arab-Islamic architectural designs. The main entrance to the mosque is fashioned in the likeness of public building gates in Muslim Persia. The mosque faces the picturesque Putrajaya Lake which makes it stunning for landscape photography. Then step into it and experience the sense of calmness and marvel at the elaborate interior of the dome during the silence between prayer times. Then explore around the mosque and take pleasure in its unique modern design embodying a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art, calligraphy and ornamentation. Its acclaimed architecture design is open and inviting – you have plenty of space to roam about. It’s also worth to note the mosque pays homage to Prophet Muhammad’s home from the 7th century Saudi Arabia.

Putrajaya Lake
With many of Putrajaya’s futuristic landmarks perched beautifully by the lake, a cruise lets you discover its sights as you literally go with the flow. There are two kinds of cruise boats available. For “Putrajaya-style” Parisian romance, you can hop on an air-conditioned catamaran, ideal for modern sightseeing or dining excursions. Or you could have a traditional experience on an intimately-sized wooden perahu.

Bridges of Putrajaya
Keep your eyes open for the different concept of bridges in Putrajaya. Get your cameras ready for the spectacular architecture of bridges like the Seri Perdana Bridge, Putra Bridge, Wawasan Bridge, Seri Saujana Bridge, Seri Gemilang Bridge, Seri Bakti Bridge, Seri Bestari Bridge, and Pedestrian Bridge. Keep in mind while you may not be able to take photos at all of them, it’s good to know they’re around.

Prime Minister’s Office
See the Prime Minister’s Office at Perdana Putra. This imposing building stands atop the main hill in Putrajaya, catching eyes with its palatial-style green dome and stone walls. Featuring a blend of Islamic and modern architecture, the office complex is where ministers and higher officials work. Even though it is not open to visitors, you can still admire its grandeur from the outside and have pictures taken.

Perdana Botanical Garden
Also known as Lake Gardens and Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park, you can view around the park with the daily shuttle tram services. With plenty of walking paths and trees providing shade, this park makes it simple for visitors to explore on foot too. Great for nature lovers and families. Open daily between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, entrance to the Perdana Botanical Garden is free all year long, though visiting the Orchid Garden and Hibiscus Garden requires a payment on weekends. There are also additional entrance fees for some attractions within the park, including the bird and butterfly parks.

Entrance tickets to certain zones of the Perdana Botanical Garden not included in this package and can be purchased separately at the venue.

Putrajaya Cruise
Take on a journey through the heart of Putrajaya, the Federal Administrative Centre of Malaysia with down the serene Putrajaya Lake; an incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands. Through this cruise, soak up the magical atmosphere that is Putrajaya; discover this enchanting garden city while cruising. This is where all the greens and modern architectural wonders intertwine seamlessly and form the largest landmark in Malaysia.

Entrance tickets to Putrajaya Cruise not included in this package and can be purchased for RM 50 per person at the venue.

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  • Car baby seats can be provided upon request.
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