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  • Access to Menara Taming Sari

The Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower) is a revolving gyro tower that offers a relaxing treat to those seeking a calm ride in Melaka. With its advanced Swiss technology, you can take yourself to new heights and soak in the view of Melaka.

You will enter a glass cabin that rotates around the tower as it goes higher. You are then able to have a breath-taking view of Malacca. This includes viewing the Straits of Melaka and the Melaka River through a grand panorama as the tower reaches to the top. You spend about a good 7 minutes sitting in the glass cabin for this activity.

Aside from the amazing bird’s-eye view of Melaka, this attraction also consists of commercial outlets. Such outlets include a café and a restaurant. If you’d like, head to the souvenir shops available at the location. Get a memento or two for yourself or someone in mind.

Here are more reasons why Menara Taming Sari is ideal:

  •         The Melaka view

As mentioned before, the view of Melaka is beautiful. The height of the Menara Taming Sari gives it a unique ability to serve people with a panoramic view. There is nothing as pleasant as riding one of these with families and friends.

  •         Available for people of all ages

Age doesn’t matter, if you can get on the ride, you can ride it. This ride is not like many others in that there is no limitation by age or weight. Great for families to just sit back, relax, and enjoy. Kids can also hop on it even if they are too tiny to ride the other rides.

  •         An excellent ride to relax

You have had a long day and you need peace. Maybe you need a break from stress. The Menara Taming Sari ride is an enjoyable one for you to take a breather. By the time you get off the ride, you are ready to have more fun with life!

  • Free Admission for children under two (2) years old
  • This ticket is refundable if it has not been redeemed.
  • Tickets that has been redeemed at the counter will not be refunded.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for all refunds.
  • All tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • You do not need to print the ticket, simply present the QR code via your phone.
  • In order to redeem your ticket, please proceed to the attraction’s counters.
  • MyKad or MyKid must be presented at the attraction for purchase of Malaysian – with MyKad type tickets.