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Malaysian - with MyKad | Weekends | Adult (13 - 57 years old)
Malaysian - with MyKad | Weekends | Child ( 4-12 ) / Senior (+57 year old)
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International | Special Pass | Child ( 4-12 ) / Senior (+57 year old)
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  • Malay traditional games – congkak, gasing, lastik biji getah, sorong upih kelapa

If you think you’ve seen everything in Melaka, go beyond the city and you’ll find this gem of a place that is often overlooked on tourist maps. Though established as early as 1986, for many foreign visitors, Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park is little-known. This cultural park proudly presents an assortment of traditional architecture replicas, a cultural museum and other traditional crafts that echo the Malay legacy.

Soak in Malaysia’s historical atmosphere in Mini Malaysia, which is distinctively defined by iconic and rustic Malay houses of the 13 states in Malaysia. While the traditional houses may look similar to untrained eyes, a closer peek into their description says otherwise. Each house displays life-like figurines depicting their own unique culture and way of life. Emphasizing on authenticity, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the utensils, traditional costumes, handicrafts, fixtures and fittings showcased in every house. Despite the bygone architectural designs, there’s something about the cultural diversity that adds colour and sophistication to the place.

Some highlights, like the long houses, referred to as ‘rumah panjang’ by the locals which are commonly found in Borneo built by different ethnic groups such as the Dayaks can be seen here. You will notice they generally stand on stilts and the interior is separated into a public area along one side while a row of private rooms is lined on the opposite side. Then, witness the art of preparing traditional delicacies such as the roti jala, and eat it the old-fashioned way – sitting on a mat and eating with bare hands. Meanwhile, at the centre of the park is a rotunda where visitors can take a ride on a bullock cart, a popular means of transport in Malaysia from the 1940s to 1960s, especially in the state of Melaka.

Within its vicinity also lies an amphitheatre called the Tun Teja Stage. You will simply love the cultural shows that are held where performers clad in native costumes perform traditional dances like the headhunting dance and Chinese fan dance. Experience these dances by their in-house troupe and join the “Joget Lambak” on stage with the dancers for an incredibly worthwhile impression. Adjacent to Mini Malaysia lies the Mini ASEAN – Each country apart from Malaysia has its own traditional house except Indonesia and Thailand which have two, making it a total of 11 houses in the ASEAN section. Amusingly, there’s a swimming pool for you to take a dip if you like; it’s free of charge.

In a nutshell, Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park gives you a glimpse of Malaysian architecture and heritage in a relaxed all-encompassing outing. With its purpose to share its history, cultural heritage, and traditional architectural characteristics, the park certainly plays its part in doing so through the activities available as you explore the houses along the way. It’s a nice getaway from the hustle bustle and into a more laid-back life outside the more urbanised city.

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  • FREE entry for children below four (4) years old
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