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  • Private yacht tour for up to eight (8) persons:
    • Tour of the southern islands of Langkawi
    • Lake of the Pregnant Maiden
    • Eagle Watching, Echo Channel, Limestone Formations
    • Swimming activity at secluded beach and other islands en-route
  • Drinking water, soft drinks and chef’s choice of healthy snacks
  • Full safety briefing, life jackets and beach towels
  • Hotel transfer within Langkawi City

Paradise 101 is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a getaway from the city or a retreat with family and friends. Blessed with a stretch of islands, this boat trip takes you on a cruise in discovering the picturesque and crystal-clear waters of the sea.

This tour of the southern islands of Langkawi by boat allows you to enjoy a day of unparalleled seascapes, crystal-clear waters and abundance of exotic sea creatures. Marvel at the beauty of Pulau Dayang Bunting also known as the Lake of Pregnant Maiden. Also recognized as Langkawi’s second largest uninhabited island, its name derives from its silhouette that resembles a reclined pregnant lady from afar. It is said from local beliefs that a barren woman will become fertile after swimming in the freshwater lake on the island. Surrounded by mangrove trees and a limestone formation, the freshwater lake is great for swimming while a small shop nearby offering drinks, snacks, and souvenirs as well as paddle boats and life jacket rentals are also available too.

Not far off is Pulau Singa Besar, an island that is strategically situated between the well-renowned Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah. The island sprawls about 600 hectares and is almost fully covered by thick forest and huge stones. The natural setting as such makes it into a paradise of various wild lives where animals such as monkeys and eagles can be easily spotted around that area. The island, as being undeveloped in order to preserve its precious nature has no basic amenities such as lodge or resort. Nevertheless, it’s one island where one truly experiences the pristine serenity in its wonderful natural setting.

On the boat, you will marvel when the time comes for the eagles’ feeding where you will witness the magnificent and bold creatures swoop down from the sky to catch their prey on water. Then tap into a magical dimension in the Echo Channel where you will hear the wonderful echoes in between the mountains. Towards the end, take a dip and enjoy a refreshing swim at a secluded beach and many more islands en-route. The final destination is the fish farm on an isolated island. Here you will see the different species of grown fishes, just another way to help you get in touch with nature.

At the end of this Islands Discovery Tour, you may notice that some islands are uninhabited while some have been designated for tourism so visitors from all over the world can commend and appreciate the unparalleled beauty of Langkawi. There’s something about the combination of natural rock formations, lush jungle, picturesque waves, limestone caves, and secluded beaches that truly makes Langkawi a special place for all. So hop on the Sea Hawk and let your adventure begin.

  • The Sea Hawk Yacht can carry a maximum eight (8) passengers for this tour
  • FREE for children three (3) years old and below but please consider the yacht capacity
  • Minimum age for all water sports activities is eight (8) years old and must be accompanied by an adult / marshall
  • Pregnant women are highly NOT recommended to take part in water sports activities due to safety concerns
  • Recommended to bring extra clothes, sun blocks, sunglasses, dry bag (if you have valuables you want to protect) and extra cash
  • Activities are subject to availability, weather and sea conditions. Alternative options will be provided if the weather is not good. It is possible to reschedule the activity to the next day without any charge
  • Strictly no outside food & drinks permitted onto Paradise 101
  • There are three main drop offs for this exclusive tour which are Lake of the Pregnant Maiden Island, Eagle Watching at Eagle Sanctuary or Pulau Singah and a secluded beach for swimming
  • This ticket is refundable if it has not been redeemed.
  • Tickets that have been redeemed at the counter will not be refunded.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for all refunds.
  • All tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • You do not need to print the ticket, simply present the QR code via your phone.
  • In order to redeem your ticket, please proceed to the attraction’s counters.
  • MyKad or MyKid must be presented at the attraction for purchase of Malaysian – with MyKad type tickets.