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  • Hotel Transfer within Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Damansara area only
  • Private Transportation for duration of the tour
  • English speaking guide-driver
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  • Entrance tickets to Zoo Negara is NOT included in this package

Going to Zoo Negara is always an enjoyable time, especially when you can look at the variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes while catching up with your friends or family. Animal lovers, here’s what you should know about Zoo Negara.

Known as the National Park of Malaysia, Zoo Negara is by no means your typical zoo. Stretching over 110 acres, the park gives you a unique chance to see over 450 species of animals in exhibits and landscapes perfectly mimicking their natural habitat.

Butterfly Garden
The word ‘insects’ often send chills to people, yet these invertebrates are often misunderstood. They play an important role in the survival of vertebrate and that also includes us! Take a closer look at the mini living work of art or bring your DSLR camera to capture the beauty of the butterflies at the Butterfly Garden.

Bird Aviary
Zoo Negara’s Bird Aviary has one of the biggest collections of bird species in the country. Observing endangered birds in the wild is hard to come by, why not come over to Zoo Negara to meet the Milky Storks in their natural habitat? Along with that, enjoy nature’s music orchestra produced by different birds as you take a walk down at the Bird Aviary.

Cat Walk
The black and orange stripe mural along the pathway hints that you are in the Big Cats’ territories. Catch sight of the real-life Lion King, the African Lions at Zoo Negara’s Cat Walk resting on the platform in their open-concept exhibit. Spot the Malayan tiger cubs, playing with their mother in their exhibit during the early morning or late afternoon. These cats actually act like your domestic cat at home. The only difference between your cat and these animals is of course, their size!

Mammal Kingdom
The Mammal Kingdom is full of nocturnal animals that stay wide awake in the dead of night. It is a home to the leopard cats, slow loris, Malay civet, pumas, leopards, raccoons, striped hyenas and Binturong. If you are curious to find out what a capybara (the world’s largest rodent) looks like, Mammal Kingdom is a place for you to feed your curiosity. While you’re at it, see if you can take a peak of the sleeping Malayan porcupines in their exhibit. Don’t worry, folks! Porcupines do not shoot their quills, it’s just a myth!

Malaysian Elephants
Home to three gentle giants – the Malaysian Elephants. Siti (female), Sibol (female) and Teriang (male) which originally come from Pahang are currently in their late twenties/ early thirties. Although these elephants have long been retired from the elephant show, they still remain as the zoo’s superstar. The elephants have a sweet tooth, so be sure to catch them in their exhibit and feed them with sugarcane or banana!

Giant Panda Conservation Centre
Say hello to the furry, black and white fuzzballs, Xing Xing and Liang Liang! In this newly built air-conditioned bamboo themed Giant Panda Conservation Centre, you will have the joy of seeing these cute pandas. See how these bamboo eaters spend their time in their enclosure. If you’re lucky, you may see these giant pandas interact with the zookeepers for feeding time.

Ape Centre
The Ape Centre is situated at the highest point of Zoo Negara. There, you get to see the group of chimpanzees from Africa and two species of Orangutans, Bornean orangutans and Sumatran orangutans. Also, chimpanzees! Sharing nearly 98.8% of our Human DNA, maybe that explains why they look and behave like humans. If you spend most of your day up at the Ape Centre observing these animals, you will see them kissing, shaking hands and some time, even bickering among each other. It’s quite a sight! With lush greenery all around, the Ape Centre is one of the coolest and scenic locations in the zoo.

Savannah Walk
Remember Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’? Now minus the romance and heartbreak, try to imagine yourself in Africa where all the animals in the country roam freely around you. Savannah Walk, the largest open concept exhibit in the zoo, is a home shared by a variety of African animals like Sable antelopes, Scimitar-horned oryx, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and white rhinoceroses. Although there are not many trees around to shade the exhibit, the Savannah Walk closely resembles the actual Savannah plains in Africa.

Australian Plain
Get close and personal with the wallabies and also one of Australia’s famous icons, the kangaroo. The wallabies share the same exhibit with a flock of emus, Australia’s largest bird. The zoo is also home to Pademelons, the smallest of the marsupials in the zoo. Timid, but not so timid!

Reptile House
Zoo Negara’s Reptile House has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Meet the largest crocodile in the world – The Saltwater or Estuarine crocodiles lazing in their pool. See if you can differentiate between a floating log or a crocodile. The Reptile house also displays a variety of tortoises, terrapins and lizards. Marvel at the world’s second largest tortoise – the Aldabra Tortoise or spot the lizards basking themselves under the sun. Then catch sight of two snakes which hold the world records. Be amazed by the length of the world’s longest snake, the reticulated pythons. Be awed with the sight of the green anaconda, which is the heaviest snake in the world!

Hornbill Centre
Out of 10 species of hornbills which can be found in Malaysia, you will find 7 species of hornbills here in Zoo Negara. The Hornbill Centre was set up in 2010 as a breeding centre for the Great Hornbills, the Rhinoceros Hornbills, the Wrinkled Hornbills and the Oriental Pied Hornbills. Hornbill fact! Hornbills pair for life and they have unique nesting behaviour. Pst, keep your voice down when you are taking a stroll at the Hornbill centre, the female hornbills might be incubating her eggs.

Children’s World
Here’s one for you, parents! Children’s World is a place where you can let your young ones run around the place while getting their senses stimulated. It is a place where a child gets to pet the deer, goats, and miniature horses. Spend time learning numbers by counting the rabbits or tortoises in their exhibits with your child(ren). Explore the mini cave also located at the Children’s World. Compare the size of the elephant’s foot and tooth or find out the colour of the emu’s egg. Surprise, surprise!

Bear Complex
Catch sight of the Asiatic Black Bear, Brown Bear and Malayan Sun Bear without trotting around the world to see them. This Bear Complex is where you can find these animals if you are a bear-lover. Bring your packed lunch and picnic with the bears. Though, do not feel disappointed if you see these bears sleeping. They just love to doze under the sun. We are sure that these bears are “beary” happy to know that you came to spend time with them.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium
As one of the oldest public aquariums in Malaysia, it is also the country’s first ever exhibition on the Malaysian River Journey which highlights on the aquatic fauna and flora from the top of the highlands right down to the sea. Not limited to fishes that are commonly seen in the Malaysian rivers but rare and endangered species such as crabs, prawns, aquatic insects and aquatic flora are also exhibited as part of the freshwater aquatic system.

The journey through Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium takes you from the Upper Stream Zone to the Mid Stream Zone, the Wetlands Zone and down to the Lower River Zone. Then, you will pass through the Peat Swamp Zone, the Mangrove Zone and lastly to the Marine Zone with its coral reefs and deep sea exhibits. All the exhibits have been landscaped as close as possible to its natural condition in the wild, so you’ll be able to see how these aquatic organisms behave in their natural environment.

Other facilities in Zoo Negara includes:
Tram Ride
Can’t wait to cover the whole zoo? Just hop onto the tram that brings you to many interesting places in the zoo. There are two tram stations here. Pricing varies according to locals and internationals.

Photo Corner
Create special memories with your loved ones here. With the enthusiastic photographers’ help, try out different angles and creative ways to take a hilarious shot with the lovable animals.

Prayer Room
An air-conditioned prayer room is provided with ample space situated nearby the zoo’s main entrance.

Zoo Huts
There are plenty of zoo huts for you and your family to have a break. Try locating the air-conditioned ones!

Wheelchairs & Strollers
Visitors with special needs will be well-cared so that they can enjoy this visit. Proceed to Info B Counter at the entrance to request for the above facilities.

Restaurant & Kiosks
All within the vicinity of Zoo Negara, there is The Wild Restaurant, Opps Cafe, Mane Delicious, Panda Cafe, Hari Harimau Cafe & Savannah Cafeteria for you to have a full meal, some snacks or just a light refreshment. Kancil Souvenir Shop & Kyoto Enterprise, and Zoovenir Shop lets you shop for exclusive gifts and merchandise!

Whether or not you’re an animal lover, Zoo Negara is one tourist attraction that is not to be missed. The semi-open enclosures and tropical jungle habitat gives you a refreshing glimpse into how animals might behave in their natural environments. You can easily spend a day exploring habitats and viewing animals you’d otherwise view from the internet.

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