Package A | Adult
Package A | Child (5 - 12 years old)
Package B | Adult
Package B | Child (5 - 12 years old)
Package C | Adult
Package C | Child (5 - 12 years old)
Package D | Adult
Package D | Child (5 - 12 years old)
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  • Access to Pulau Kapas Snorkeling Day Trip (select package):
    • Package A: Snorkeling (4 hours)
    • Package B: Snorkeling + Bukit Singa Hiking (5 hours)
    • Package C: Snorkeling + Bukit Singa Hiking + Lunch Box (6 hours)
    • Package D: Snorkeling + Bukit Singa Hiking + Lunch Buffet (6 hours)
  • All packages are inclusive of:
    • Boat transfers
    • Snorkeling equipment (2 hours usage)
    • Tour guide for Bukit Singa Hiking

Malaysia is truly blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, from scenic beaches to beautiful islands. If there’s one island in Malaysia that you should visit this year, let it be Pulau Kapas. Situated in Terengganu, there’s more to this island paradise than its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

A rustic tropical island just 15 minutes from the mainland, Pulau Kapas is the perfect getaway if you’re looking for an affordable getaway. A popular spot for backpackers who are looking to get off the beaten track, this is a great place to meet other travellers. Pulau Kapas is not a party island but somewhere to go to read, swim, snorkel, hike or take day trips to neighbouring islands.

Its close proximity to the mainland is probably one of the main reasons why this island is popular among the locals as a weekend getaway, as its relative isolation offers a form of refuge to those looking for a moment of tranquility. An island that boasts of rustic vibes, it’s pretty easy to just stay relaxed here and everyone living and working on the island itself seems so chill that it ends up being contagious.

This charming, pristine gem of an island, while may seem a little too laidback for some, there are still things to keep you busy. Here are some of the activities you can partake in:

Snorkelling around Kapas can be superbly fun! Beautiful coral reefs and marine life can be found in the waters off Pulau Kapas. Despite its smaller size compared to other islands in Malaysia, this tiny island is inhabited by a decent variety of marine life like seashells, turtles and soft corals, some of which can be observed in close quarters while snorkeling around the island.

If you’re a good swimmer, you can snorkel across to nearby Gem Island, a private island just beside Kapas.

Bukit Singa Hiking
Besides snorkelling, one of the best things to do in Pulau Kapas is hiking at Bukit Singa (Lion’s Hill). Adrenaline junkies, if you crave for that little rush, why not head on over to Bukit Singa for something more adventurous? Hike up Bukit Singa for that Instagrammable cool aerial view of the cliff jutting out into the clear blue sea.

Surrounded by steep cliffs and coastal rocks, this popular hiking spot in Pulau Kapas is perfect for beginners. Once you’re ready, follow the guide’s lead as they take you up the staircase. The steps can get slippery on rainy days, so make sure to wear sneakers or proper footwear.

While some parts of the staircase have also collapsed due to the strong waves, the hike to Bukit Singa requires you to walk along the coastal rocks, wade through the waist-deep water or slide down the steep trails. Just to be safe, you can wear a pair of work gloves to avoid scratches. There are no clear directions along the way, so here’s where your guide’s expertise comes in.

Once you’ve reached the final destination, be sure to take a gorgeous snapshot of Bukit Singa! The lion’s head formation is not visible from the peak, and it’s said to be clearer when viewed from the side. Still, the sweeping landscape of the South China Sea is a sight to behold. It’s very windy here too, and remember not to stand or sit too close to the edge.

A hidden gem to many, there’s a secret blue lagoon that’s located at the bottom of Bukit Singa, which can only be seen during high tide. Some locals have warned that there are many sharp rocks around the area, and it’s best not to walk around barefoot or in sandals. Remember to ask your guide to show you the way too!

If you are looking to settle for a quiet island holiday, Pulau Kapas Malaysia may be just the place you need to whisk yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All of us need a break or a holiday every now and then when the stress from daily life, work or anything else makes us want to scream and rip our hair out due to extreme frustration.

And what better way to escape from such stress than going for a vacation on an island that is less hogged by tourists, a place where its natural beauty is still very much preserved and you can get all the peace you want?

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