Combo (4 Pax)
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  • Access to all activities for 4 pax:
    • Tree climbing
    • Abseiling
    • Suspended bridge thrill
    • Jungle trekking
    • Obstacle / hurdling course
    • Archery

RAF Point located in Johor could be the perfect destination for you. It’s far enough away from the bright lights of the city so you can be one with nature. The park, surrounded by rainforests and makes a great venue for camping, survival training, extreme sports activities and paintball. It’s also a great ambience to soak in not just by yourself, but with other people where everyone comes together in sharing the same interests, if not, learning and gaining new ones.

The various types of activities available in RAF Point 6 in 1 Family Combo are:

Tree Climbing
As we age, something fundamental changes. We still crave escape from our daily lives, but tend to look elsewhere for adventure. For some, it’s about revisiting our childhood when times were simpler. It’s time to let go of social media and your hands away from devices, and reach out to a tree and reach to the top. You might just be in touch with your individual strength, limitations, and sense of self through this activity.

Abseiling, the act of sliding down a rope under controlled conditions in order to make a safe descent off a cliff face or other sheer surface. With proper gear and guidance from skilled RAF Point instructors, you are ultimately in good hands abseiling across 260m of distance to your end point. Whether you’re looking to set a personal challenge or just have a good time, abseiling is not an activity to be missed.

Suspended Bridge Thrill
The natural rocking and shakiness of a suspension bridge with or without a group of delish tricksters jumping up and down on it, can still shake the steadiest of nerves. Full of suspense for the ever-daring ones and depending on how you feel about heights, this suspended bridge thrill will either give you a tingling thrill or make you want to wish you never did this. At least you can take comfort in not doing it alone.

Jungle Trekking
Take a break every now and then. It’s not a marching contest; take the time to see what is around you. Immerse yourself in nature so you can better appreciate and respect its beauty and serenity. Time to sweat it out and taste that sweet success of reaching your end destination of the trek.

Obstacle / Hurdling
The obstacle course is full of, well, obstacles! Do you have what it takes to endure and last and push through all these surprise obstacles? Not surprising, everyone enjoys a confidence boost and the boost that follows a completed obstacle.

From Robin Hood to Katniss to Merida, archery is gaining rapport in the sports world. Archers are portrayed as strong, independent, deadly warriors. When you’re shooting well, hours can pass by in a blink of an eye – you won’t even realize how the time flies when you are having so much bliss.

  • The minimum age for this activity is 16 years old
  • Please contact the attraction at least one (1) day before to schedule your visit
  • Contact information will be provided in your e-Ticket
  • Duration of each activity varies according to the group’s abilities
  • Wear good walking shoes or lightweight trekking shoes
  • Bring towels and other necessities you may need
  • This ticket is refundable if it has not been redeemed.
  • Tickets that have been redeemed at the counter will not be refunded.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for all refunds.
  • All tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • You do not need to print the ticket, simply present the QR code via your phone.
  • In order to redeem your ticket, please proceed to the attraction’s counters.
  • MyKad or MyKid must be presented at the attraction for purchase of Malaysian – with MyKad type tickets.