Segar City 3D Art Gallery


Malaysian - with MyKad | Adult
Malaysian - with MyKad | Child (2 – 12 years old)
International | Adult
International | Child (2 – 12 years old)
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Access to Segar City 3D Art Gallery

Conveniently tucked in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan is the township known as SEGAR City, or better yet, Dataran Bandar Segar.

Just as what you would expect from a trick art museum, the murals in Segar City 3D Art Gallery are simply bound to boggle your mind. Not only do they rely on perspectives and visual distortions to mess with your senses, more often than not, the murals result in hilarious and dramatic outcomes!

As mentioned, you are encouraged to interact with the paintings which have been skilfully created by the artists to appear as though they are 3D. There’s no fun in just taking plain and obvious pictures. Get into the fun and creative spirit and pose as if you are part of the action portrayed in the paintings! Needless to say, you will be able to take some interesting and humorous photos for your social media. This time, you’re the star of the painting!

So what’s keeping you? Relive your creative senses; feel and interact with the artworks! A walk along this surreal 3D gallery is bound to leave you enamoured and build a lasting memory for you and your loved ones! It certainly is a must visit when you are in Port Dickson.

  • Child Range : Above 90 cm height to 12 years old
  • Adult Range : 13 years old to 59 years old
  • Senior Citizen Range : 60 years old and above
  • FREE for those who are below 90 cm height
  • This ticket is refundable if it has not been redeemed.
  • Tickets that have been redeemed at the counter will not be refunded.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for all refunds.
  • All tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • You do not need to print the ticket, simply present the QR code via your phone.
  • In order to redeem your ticket, please proceed to the attraction’s counters.
  • MyKad or MyKid must be presented at the attraction for purchase of Malaysian – with MyKad type tickets.