Standard | Adult (11 - 75 years old)
Standard | Child (6 - 10 years old)
Standard + SPA | Adult (11 - 75 years old)
Standard + SPA | Child (6 - 10 years old)
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  • Standard:
    • Tour of Tanah Lot with Sunset views (2 hours)
    • All entrance tickets as per itinerary
    • Hotel Transfer within Bali area only
    • Bottled mineral water
    • English-speaking guide
  • Standard + SPA:
    • All itinerary as in Standard package
    • Spa Treatment & Massage (2 hours)

Rich in its Hindu heritage, Bali is blessed with architecturally gorgeous temples. Enjoy a half-day tour and experience the island’s temples and sunset for yourself. Gaze at the picturesque sunset behind Tanah Lot, the sacred Hindu shrine built on a rocky outcrop. Surrounded by the shimmering ocean, explore the temples and learn of Bali’s incredible history while taking in the spectacular views of nature.

Bali, Indonesia, is filled with incredible things to see and do and Tanah Lot shines as one of the best places to visit, especially when it’s close to sunset. Tanah Lot, no stranger for its breathtaking scenery, is also a special temple that’s worth a visit.

Sitting on a large offshore rock on the beach, Tanah Lot temple is a set of three temples located at a distance of roughly 100 metres from each other wherein the other two are considered to be a spiritual proxy when the main Tanah Lot temple is closed due to high tide, as it becomes inaccessible.

During low tide, one can cross to view the base of the rock to see the ‘guardian’ sea snakes that are dwelling in crevices around the Tirta Pabersihan fountain. It’s one of the top attractions in Bali and welcomes all irrespective of their religion or caste.

Experience this wonder in this Sunset Tanah Lot Tour which comprises of visits to:

Sunset at Tanah Lot
This temple is the most impressive one on this tour. Interestingly, Tanah Lot is actually the name of the rock formation that sits just off the shore with Pura Tanah Lot sitting atop (the ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple). Tanah, meaning “earth”, and Lot, meaning “sea”, is perhaps the most magnificent of the 7 Ocean Temples, and one of the most important and sacred temples, in Bali.

As the rock on which the temple sits is subjected to the weather and tide, it changes form over the course of years and almost threatens the existence of Tanah Lot temple. Fortunately, thanks to restoration efforts, its preservation was successful.

According to legend, counsellor to the king, Dang Hyang Nirartha, was so in awe of the beautiful rock that he slept on it overnight. In the morning he instructed local fishermen to erect a shrine.

The temple itself is reachable only at low tide. There are two pavilions and two shrines in the place, regrettably, non-Hindu tourists aren’t permitted inside the temple at any time. With that said, for a small bequest you can walk 20 meters on a pathway around the side of the temple for a better sight of the ocean.

Beneath the temple of Tanah Lot is a cave, a home for a number of large and small black with yellow striped snakes that are believed to guard the area against evil spirits. Locals say that the snakes are tame but must not be disturbed.

From the gate, there’s a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants where you can spend time while waiting for the golden sunset. Genuinely, the temple is the perfect epitome of the romantic island of Bali. A place perched high above the crashing waves with the background of the colorful sky at dusk, lit by the gently vanishing sun… simply stunning.

The Tanah Lot Temple, not just indulges your mind and soul to peace but the stunning sunset is just so easy on the eye that it gives a calming effect. Experience the serenity of the tropical sun slowly disappearing beyond the horizon and the wide open ocean, and listen to the sound of the soothing waves crashing on the shore.

Spa Treatment & Massage
After the Tanah Lot visit, opt for two hours of pampering with a spa treatment upgrade at Bali Orchid Spa that includes a flower bath, body scrub, aromatic foot wash and Balinese massage. The smiling faces, sweet gestures, or simply the gentleness – the unique attribute of Indonesian hospitality makes the spa experience simply delightful. Whether it’s for relaxation, rejuvenation, or detoxification, no one ever says no to a good spa treatment and massage.

To sum it up, Bali is a true utopia. The true beauty of Bali lies in the culture, the people, and the arts. There is a perfect balance and harmony between humans and nature. One might get amazed by the mystical traditions whereas some get astonished by its natural beauty. A visit to Tanah Lot temple, with the view of the waves crashing the shore is just going to woo you.

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