Tempurung Cave Exploration (I-III)


Tempurung Cave Exploration (I-III)
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  • Access to Tempurung Cave Exploration (for minimum 3 pax)
  • Light meal and refreshment
  • Transfers within activity areas
  • Safety equipment & basic facilities
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Experienced guide

If you are a nature fan, you might have learned about Gua Tempurung. Located in Gopeng, Perak and about 2 hours away from Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur is the largest natural limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia that stretches over 1.8 kilometres. It is a perfect place to explore the beauty of nature, even if you are new to caving activities. Although Gua Tempurung may not be as big as Gua Niah in Sarawak, it is just perfect for the beginners!

There’s also a developed part of the cave with handrails and light fittings perfect for visitors. If you want a stress-free exploration of Tempurung Cave, then join this exhilarating adventure! Make sure to bring your family and friends and enjoy this astounding gem in Perak with Radak Adventures.

Gua Tempurung is a cave in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. It is prevalent among spelunkers, or caving enthusiasts. About 3 km long, it is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia. Part of it has been developed as a show cave with electric lighting and walkways, and there is a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. A fine river cave, the river passage runs about 1.6 km through the hill. There are three enormous chambers and some magnificent stalactites and stalagmites.

Located in Gopeng, about 24km south of the capital city of Ipoh in Perak, this limestone cave is one of the largest in Peninsular Malaysia. Although not as big as Niah Cave and Mulu Cave in Sarawak, beginners to caving exploration will be glad to know that this cave is simple to explore.

The tunnel of the cave runs from the east to the west reaching a distance of about 2km under the limestone hills known as Gunung Tempurung and Gunung Gajah. It is made up of 5 large domes and is believed to have existed since 8,000 B.C., about 10,000 years ago.

It comprises of five huge domes with ceilings resembling coconut shells. Each of these domes has various calcium crystallisation, and marble there exist in differing temperatures and water levels. These caves are famous for its breathtaking gallery of stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing rock formations that are superb speleological wonders, found only in this part of the world.

What to Bring / Travel Tips :

  • Wear comfortable T-shirt and shorts / long pants
  • You can wear strapped sandals or shoes, though having your feet covered is much preferable for safety and comfort
  • Have a set of extra clothing to change
  • Towel, insect repellent, sunblock lotion and camera (at your own risk)

Prohibitions & Limitations :

  • Children aged 9 years and below, and pregnant women are not permitted
  • Know your limits and capabilities, you should be considerably physically fit to take part in this activity

Additional Information :

  • Itinerary is subjected to weather conditions
  • Rest assured that you will be accompanied by experienced facilitators and guides throughout the way in case you are in need of any assistance
  • Minimum of three (3) pax required to confirm booking
  • Not suitable for children under ten (10) years old
  • Activity is subjected to weather conditions
  • Please contact the attraction at least one (1) day before to schedule your visit
  • Contact information will be provided in your e-Ticket
  • Things to wear / bring: T-shirt and shorts / long pants, strapped sandals or shoes, extra clothing to change, towel, insect repellent, sunblock lotion and camera (at your own risk)
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