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  • Admission ticket to Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi comprises of three main sections such as:

Tropical Rainforest Section
Here your eyes will be drawn to an array of tropical and exotic birds, animals and fishes. The ground and flight birds, the Flamingos, Black Swans, Mandarin Ducks, Golden Pheasants, Parakeets, Doves, Macaws, Laughing Thrush and more makes the entire atmosphere an absolute wonder for the eyes. Mostly, just a folk of friendly and inquisitive birds living the good life. Then gaze upon the Snapping Turtles as they come out of their shells and move about calmly and peacefully. Looking at them, you might think of them as some prehistoric creature from the Triassic Period and though calm in nature, these turtles have a tendency to snap or strike defensively when they feel threatened, and they are indeed capable of delivering a serious bite so keep your hands to yourself on this one!

Temperate Section
The playhouse that features the jolly South American Fur Seal and Black Footed African Penguins! There are a couple of adult fur seals here that put on great shows in a large glass water tank. You will need to time it right for the show and not miss out on its daily feeding session. Also, African Penguins – They’re fluffy, they’re clumsy, they’ll melt your heart, put your hands together for them! These fuzzy creatures are so adorable and a little tipsy, you can’t help but fall in love. A walk through an 8-meter tunnel will have you gapping at the African Penguins swimming around in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat, making the experience even more stunning. No wonder the children love this section, the area just feels pleasantly merry!

Sub-Antarctic Section
The star attraction in Underwater World Langkawi – If you’re familiar with the movie “Surf’s Up”, here the Rockhopper Penguins await you. As their name implies, their frisky behaviour makes them jump from rock to rock. These penguins, also nicknamed “rockies”, are the smallest of the crested penguins. Fun fact for you, these Rockhopper Penguins often burst from the water near shore and land on rocks with a belly flop!

Other sections and features include:
Preview Tank
The Arapaima, a Jurassic fish, also the largest freshwater fish in the world and can grow to more than eight feet welcomes you. You will find yourself gawking at its size and realize how small you are. Other fishes on display in the Preview Tank are the Wallago Catfish (Ikan Tapah) and Freshwater Stingray. The Wallago Catfish, also known as Freshwater Shark or Helicopter Catfish, has the face of a bullhead and an eel-like body. This wild fish is just as humongous and though they seem to be relaxing on the surface, this fish has tendencies to bite the hand that feeds it. Truly not for the faint hearted. Meanwhile the Freshwater Stingrays, beautiful creatures though little bizarre looking too, are oddly adorable. Perhaps you’ll notice that some move like a wave, others like a bird.

River Ecosystem
This section consists of three connecting tanks with a river flowing concept and displays many species of freshwater fishes from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa, North America, and Australia. Here a variety of Southeast Asian river fishes like the Striped Carps, Tinfoil Barbs, Arowanas and Giant Gourami will have you amazed. Native to South America, expect to see the Knifefish where its tail truly does resemble a knife and the Pacu Fish. The Pacu Fish, although known as a “vegetarian piranha”, don’t really share much in common with their fearsome cousins. They’d rather munch on a banana than a human, and they’re rather laid-back in terms of temperament. Some have even been known to nuzzle against their owner like a dog! Other fishes on display are Tropical Garfish, Albino Patin, Bala Shark, and Red Tailed Catfish. Within this section, a series of specially designed tanks housing unique reptiles such as Leopard Gecko, Chinese Water Dragon, Indonesian Blue Tongued Skink, African Fat Tailed Gecko, and a variety of small snakes are here for your reptilian interest.

Hexagonal Tank
This section is made up of the Hexagonal Tank with a Sunken Ship theme. Among the fishes in the Hexagonal Tank are the Black Tip Shark and White Tip Shark, that way you don’t have to go scuba diving to encounter these creatures. Experience the marine life you have never witnessed with your own eyes before! Being able to take part in this world, to see these sharks in their natural habitat is surely an adventure you will never forget.

Tunnel Tank
Step into a world of ocean secrets and venture into the deep sea along a 15-meter long tunnel, where you will find yourself in awe by the surrounding of Giant Stingrays, Giant Trevallies, Giant Groupers, Olive Ridley Turtles and other schooling fishes. A single acrylic panel is all that separates you from an entirely different world. Here, you are bound to be mesmerised by the oceanic wonderment and relax while watching its enthralling sight.

Koi Pond and Otter Pond
Set in an outdoor lush, the Koi Pond enchants you with a vibrant tropical scenery with relaxing sounds of the cascading waterfall. Fishes such as the Eastern Gem, Japanese Carp, Sultan Fish Silver Dollar, Sebarau, Kelah and Cichlids can be seen here. An interesting activity for you here is fish-feeding where you can get handsy and see the fishes frenzy around you for food. Then whip out your camera and record the cute and cuddly otters at the Otter Pond. These clever creatures, they’ll use rocks to crack open the clams. They carry rocks and store food in the loose skin under their armpits – who needs carrier bags!

Invertebrate Section
The oddities of the sea! Here lies the unusual and peculiar sea creatures originating from Southeast Asia such as Japanese Mitten Lobster, Knight Goby, Snowflake Moray Eel, Blue Devil Damsels, Green Carpet Anemone, Mudskippers and many other interesting species.

Coral Reef Section
This underwater coral garden captivates you with its explosive delightful colours. Clown Fish, Damsels, Wrasse and other corals will provide you with a glimpse of the symbiotic relationship that exists amongst the inhabitants of the coral reefs. Witness the living treasures of the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, all under one roof. The delicate jellyfish, sea urchins, sea slugs and starfishes are among the many presented at the Underwater World Langkawi.

Venomous & Poisonous Section
The saying “Never judge a book by its cover” holds true for this Venomous & Poisonous Section with its eels and fishes. Although seemingly calm and inviting, these Moray Eels and Lionfish hold deadly weapons in disguise of their needle-sharp teeth and spiny fins. So, brace yourself!

While each tourist attraction brings its own charm and adventures, along with the different creatures you will find all over the world, that doesn’t mean that each visit will bring the same experience. Each visit is different, every time you’ll see notice something you never did previously, and Underwater World Langkawi provides that fresh “under the sea” journey just for you!

Animal Type Daily Feeding
African Penguins 11:00am & 2:45pm
Rockhopper Penguins 11:15am & 3:00pm
Furseals 2:30pm
Tunnel Tank 3:30pm
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